2019 has been an amazing year for us. We’ve sold thousands of products to people in and out of Canada. We’ve welcomed new surfers to our training programs and we’ve seen them excel in competition.

That is why we are planning something big for 2020. With the number of eager competitors in our community right now, we are certain that the next time we stage a tournament, it is going to be big.

2020 Wave Tourney

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For this massive competition, we are working directly with our suppliers and other surfing associations across Nova Scotia. All competitors are to get free admission and we will supply them all the gear they need including surfboards, fins, traction pad, hoods, gloves, and other apparel.

This is not a business venture but a campaign to show what our community has to offer in this beautiful sport.

The tournament will run for an entire month as we are looking to welcome more than 100 competitors. We also have several pros joining us for exhibitions to show everyone another level of surfing.

Big Prize

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There will be a big cash prize and the winner will get a lifetime supply from yours truly. We believe in giving these aspiring surfers to continue this path despite the risks and downfalls.

We want to help them, in any way we can for them to achieve their goals.

Admission start date

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Our target timeline for the competition is from June to mid-July. Interested competitors can sign-up as early as March. We encourage everyone to sign-up early as there will be limited spots.

We look forward to your participation.