Surfing is not that complicated. All you need is a surfboard and the tenacity to glide over strong ocean waves. With that, you can hit the open sea. However, there is the concern of safety and performance with surfing being integrated into a sport instead of just an activity.

Did you know that the global surfing equipment market size continues to grow?

That is why we give you a list of must-have surfing equipment. By the way, you can get all of these right here from Nova Scotia Surfing.

Surfing Leash

Featured images 4 Must Have Surfing Equipment Surfing Leash - 4 Must-Have Surfing Equipment

In the surfing world, daredevils are taking on gigantic waves without a surfing leash. A leash is a rope that connects a surfer to his or her surfboard. It is a matter of safety because even if you go the distance or wipe out, your surfboard will be there next to you.


Featured images 4 Must Have Surfing Equipment Wetsuit - 4 Must-Have Surfing Equipment

Most surfers prefer to feel light when surfing. That means minimal clothing and only board shorts. However, we recommend you buy a wetsuit; either a spring suit or a full suit. This will help you endure cold waters for a long time.

This neoprene apparel also allows mobility and flexibility so don’t be worried about getting stiff and restricted.

Earplugs or surfing earplugs

Featured images 4 Must Have Surfing Equipment Earplugs or surfing earplugs - 4 Must-Have Surfing Equipment

Mostly referred to as surfer’s earplugs, these will protect you from the risk of exostosis. This is a serious condition when your ear canal thickens because of cold water and wind. This condition may lead to more serious cases so make sure to come prepared. These are all the basics anyone interested in surfing needs. With these by your side, you’ll be ready to hit those waves!


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