Nova Scotia Surfing started back in 2013 as an online store servicing Albert Street in the province of Nova Scotia. Ella Zhang, owner of the store worked as a Government Auditor but was fond of surfing during the weekends.

She then decided to go to business and she went with something she is familiar with, surfboards. Nova Scotia Surfing back then offered a few locally sourced surfboards and surfing fins.

Today, we are recognized all over Canada for our wide set of surfing products and surfing training programs.

The Tournament that started it all

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The company got its biggest break after the first-ever surfing tournament we hosted. We gathered surfers from all over the province and paired them against each other. Several surfing associations and other companies took notice of the strong surfing community and decided to partner with us.

That was way back in 2014, now, we’ve got more than 20 partners in and out of the province furthering the sport and business of surfing.

The Team

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What started as an online store with one moderator now employs 50 professionals engaged in different professions like sales, sports science, marketing, writing, and of course, surfing.

Zhang is hoping to expand Nova Scotia Surfing’s scope of services and products beyond Canada.

Future Plans

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In 2020, we are planning on expanding our operation in terms of competition. It’s going to be a big year of tournaments of the best of the best in our community. For more information about these events, contact us today.