Surfing is a fun and exciting sport to engage with. However, just like any other sports and activities, there are risks of getting injured and other harmful outcomes. That is why we keep on reminding our surfing community about the rule of thumb when it comes to surfing.

We will keep on hammering on these reminders no matter what. Surfing may result in serious injuries, accidents, and sometimes even death. That is why you have to make sure that you are always safe and able to adapt.

Here are two reminders for surfing beginners.

Get your Gear on

Featured images 3 Essential Reminders for Surfing Beginners Get your Gear on - 3 Essential Reminders for Surfing Beginners

For first-timers, surfing is just really about the surfboard and the wave. There are several gear and equipment you need to use and/or wear to keep you safe out there. You have the leash that connects you to the board at all times. You have the wax that makes the board sticky for better balance.

You also have the wetsuit to protect you from cold water and so much more. Make sure that when you go out there, you are prepared for whatever happens, especially when it may result in you or someone getting hurt.

Practice your swimming

Featured images 3 Essential Reminders for Surfing Beginners Practice your swimming - 3 Essential Reminders for Surfing Beginners

Just because you can swim in a swimming pool doesn’t mean you can easily swim in the ocean. For beginners out there, it is best that you first experience the water conditions of the ocean, especially the waves. These elements make it harder for you to move around water and can even overpower you. For example, during the most recent SEA games in the Philippines, a professional surfer had to be rescued from drowning because of strong currents.

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