Here in Nova Scotia, when people are not surfing, well, they’re doing different things. But, a big number of our members play online slots or online games.

Online slots here in the province has gotten more popular with more and more websites offering the same services. Some people here play for money, while others are just in it for the excitement.

Playing slot machines online is proven to give people a great time if they’re not taking on the waves here in the Nova Scotia Surfing community.

So, if you want to get in all the fun, here are some slots you need to try.

Surf Paradise

Featured images 2 Awesome Surfing Themed Slot Games Surf Paradise - 2 Awesome Surfing-Themed Slot Games

Yet another slot masterpiece by NetENT. A three-reel slot with one payline to keep things simple and fast. The game has BAR symbols which are pretty common in many slot games. The icons or images appearing in the reels are all related to surfing.

That way, you’re still getting all the fun of surfing with the big waves and the fear of falling off your board.

This title also features multipliers, combination wins, jackpots, and more. One piece of advice for this game, winning has something to do with how you budget your coins.

Sun and Surf

Featured images 2 Awesome Surfing Themed Slot Games Sun and Surf - 2 Awesome Surfing-Themed Slot Games

A combination of the sea and the sand. But, the real action for this game is all about the waves and surfing it. The gameplay is your usual slot machine, you bet, you spin, and you wait. But, the great thing about this title is the storyline of surfing.

If you keep losing, then the waves will get bigger and bigger. If you continue to win, your avatar will continue to surf those waves with ease. The game’s denominations make it perfect for players to be strategic with how much they bet and how much they target to win.

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